Jurassic World

You will be glad to hear that Microgaming teamed up with Universal Pictures in order to create a kind of slot game that moves the boundaries in the world of online gaming. The result of their efforts is a game called Jurassic World™ ONLINE SLOT.

This game came as a sequel to the legendary video slot called Jurassic Park™, both of which are based on the iconic movie of the same name. What’s so revolutionary about the new game is that its graphics effects are simply awesome. There aren’t many slot games out there that pay such attention to detail. Even if you’re not a fan of the movie, this game is bound to take your breath away.

How to play the game

Before going to look for the ancient creatures, you first need to set your bets. Simply by clicking the button Bet, you will be able to change the size of the coins. Know that the minimum bet is 0.30. The maximum amount you can set is 7.20.

If you’re ready to start your prehistoric adventure, you just need to hit the Spin button. Of course, there’s also the auto-play feature at your disposal, allowing you to lean back and watch as the computer does the whole work for you.


As you probably already know, a Wild is a symbol that has the power to change any other symbol on the reel. In this game, the Wild is the Jurassic Park logo, the iconic image of a Tyrannosaurus rex skeleton. Apart from looking cool, the Wild is also awesome for being stacked as much as 10 high.

In order to get Free Spins, you need to get three Scatters anywhere on the screen. The Scatters in this game are images of a mosquito encased in amber. If the bonus is triggered you will be able to choose three different locations of your Free Spins – Raptor Den, Creation Lab, and Gyrosphere Valley. Whichever you choose, know that you will receive 10 spins for free.

There’s also a Multiplier Trail – a feature that boosts the multiplier on non-winning spins, the Indominus Rex feature that can multiply the current wins to as much as 200 times, and many, many others.

You can play Jurassic World at Zodiac Casino.


Jurassic World is unlike any other slot game you’ve seen. It’s not only because of its visual effects, but the gameplay as well. Give this game one chance and we guarantee you’ll get hooked!